Recycling Center:

  • With the help of the Ohio EPA, Auglaize County Solid Waste Management has opened a recycling center.
  • Center location is off of Industrial Drive at the Village Electric Building.
  • Center is open 24/7.
  • Please read signs at the drop off location for directions on sorting. Click here for recycling center guidelines. 

Yard Refuse/Village Maintenance:

  • All brush, grass and garden waste is to be hauled out to the brush pile, which is off of Industrial Drive, past the Electrical Building.  There is a sign indicating where yard refuse is to be dumped.
  • All yard refuse should be placed directly on the brush pile.
  • You do not need to separate one type of waste from the other.
  • NO bags or boxes are to be left on the pile.
  • Brush trailers will only be used for LARGE pickups. To request a trailer for this, contact the Village Office. Trailers are not available over the weekend. 

Trash Pick Up:

  • Residential trash pickup is provided by Maharg Inc. on Wednesday mornings. Bags can be purchased at the Town Hall or The Village Market.
  • Click here for trash pickup information.